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About Us

Due to work hours being shorten during the pandemic, A Couple Touches Detailing began it's journey in July of 2021. We are a female owned company that takes car care very personal. In addition to serving the greater Greenwood area with the best mobile auto detailing services, we love getting to know our customers. We work with our customers 1 on 1 to find exactly what works best for them. As we are expanding, we've managed to put one thing ahead of everything else. We start with the customer's auto detailing needs and work backwards.

Washing and maintaining your vehicle can be inconvenient and tiresome. So after we spend $50,000 on a vehicle we slowly watch it degrade more and more over time, because we just don't want to keep up with it. We think it's crazy to pay thousands of dollars for a vehicle, drive it unprotected, and trade it in for pennies each year.

If you're looking for a cheap and fast option to get your car detailed in Greenwood, we most likely won't be a great fit for you. We take the car washing process further and pay attention to every detail. We love working on vehicles, treating them like our own. This hobby of ours has allowed us to achieve higher quality results, with every detail to create the greatest transformation possible. All it takes is A Couple Touches and your ride is looking like new again!

Check out some of our recent work on this page.


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