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Pet Hair


Say goodbye to pet hair!

Keep your interior free from loose lint and pet hair today!

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Many of our clients have animals that regularly ride in their vehicle. We all love our pets, even if they leave a little mess behind. But over time, pet hair can begin to pile up leaving behind a messy interior. Any pet owner dreads the chore of removing pet hair, especially from a vehicle. We know that cleaning up behind them can be a bit tiresome. But let us handle that chore for you! For this purpose we have included a add-on service for our detailing packages that removes every trace of animal hair from your interior, leaving a like-new finish. 

Depending on the amount of pet hair, this service can take up to 30 minutes or more to complete.

Simple Pricing

Starting at $30 and can increase based on condition of vehicle.

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  • How long does this service take to complete?
    It depends on the size and condition of the vehicle, but generally it takes under an hour.
  • Does this service include shampooing for my seats and carpets?
    No, this is just a "maintenance" simple, quick, cleaning detailing service. If your vehicle's interior has stains, dirt, pet hair, or mud buildup, then the Full Interior Detailing Service would be a better option for you.
  • Do I need to remove items from my vehicle?
    Yes, we'd appreciate it if you did remove any personal items from your vehicle, including the trunk. This allows us to immediately start detailing once we reach your location. Leaving trash and loose items in your vehicle is completely fine, we'll take care of the trash for you.
  • I'm on a budget and I have pet hair and a few small stains in my vehicle, can I still get this service done?"
    You sure can! Just specifically tell us which areas that you are concerned about during your quote. The price will be higher for the additional work and time we put into your vehicle but we will deliver great results as promised.
  • I'm unsure if I need the mini-interior detail or the full interior service for my vehicle, how do i know what I need?"
    That's easy! Just shoot us some photos of your interior to our email address or our facebook page and we can suggest which option is best for you.
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