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Only pay the big price once!

Let Us Keep Your Vehicle Looking Nice All Year Around! 

Image by Brett Jordan

Our maintenance loyalty program is designed to maintain your vehicle's interior and exterior on a consistent basis. We understand that you don't have time to regularly upkeep your vehicle, this is exactly why we created this service for you. Our mobile car detailing service can schedule you on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Regularly maintaining your vehicle will extend the life of your vehicle, and even increase the Kelley blue book value of your vehicle. We like to compare our auto detailing prices to car insurance premiums. Each year with a car insurance company, your first payment is higher than the rest of your later payments in the year. Your car insurance price can change based on the coverage(s) you want to add to your plan. Well, the same applies to our company, prices vary based on condition, service(s), and size of your vehicle. You can pay one big price for a full car detailing service, then by signing up to become a maintenance client you can save money on your "premium" each month. The choice if up to you, but in the long run you save tons of money by paying the big price once.

The Benefits Of Our Maintenance Loyalty Program

  • Lower Discounts - save money on a full auto detailing service.

  • Free Birthday Service - Once a year, on your birthday you will receive The Boss Act Detailing Service, free of charge as a token of appreciation (our basic package).

  • Book Ahead - Once you're in the system for this service, we'll assign you a date and time frame to detail your vehicle. We'll schedule you consistently on the same time every week, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. 

  • Free ACT Starter Kit - As a token of our appreciation, we will give a few custom ACT products once you sign up for our loyalty program.

If your vehicle's interior has accumulated pet hair, odor, or a stain that needs to be addressed, please let us know. It will cost a small fee, but we can take care of it for you.

*Based on the type of stain, length it's been there, and the material that it is on, many stains many not come out 100% .

paint correction near me.jpg
paint correction.jpg

What's included?

  • Complete vacuuming of the interior (trunk, floor, seats, and mats)

  • Clean & dress interior plastic panels

  • Door jamb cleaning

  • Thorough swirl-free pre-wash, hand washing of the vehicle 

  • UV protectant applied to vinyl and plastic surfaces (including leather seats)

  • Light dusting and wipe down of all surfaces

  • Streak-free interior glass, mirror, screen and windows

  • Removal of bugs and bird poo

  • Wheel, tire, and gas cap cleaning

  • Complete drying of the exterior, getting into the nooks and crannies

  • High quality spray wax (1-2 month durability, depending on storage) P.S. It looks great in the rain, send us photos!

  • Plastic floor mats (if requested)

  • Our signature fragrance scent

  • The ACT Right (Our homemade tire shine) applied to tires

⛔ No tire shine sling over your fenders or vehicle once you drive off

⛔ No water running down the door panels

Prices are subject to change if you have an additional service(s) needing done to your vehicle. If your vehicle's interior has accumulated pet hair, odor, or a stain that needs to be addressed, please let us know. It will cost a small fee, but we can take care of it for you.

Depending on the size and condition, this service can range from an hour and a half or more to complete.

Simple Pricing

*General pricing estimate show below. Actual price subject to change based if an add on service is requested such as pet hair removal, odor removal, stain removal.*

In order to be qualified for a maintenance detail, you must sign up within a maximum time spam of 5 weeks from your last full detailing service.

mobile detailing greenville sc.jpg



$30 (Weekly)

$50 (Bi-Weekly)

$70 (Monthly)

car detail.jpg


(Accord/Small SUV)

$50 (Weekly)

$70 (Bi-Weekly)

$90 (Monthly)

car care.jpg


(Truck/Large SUV)

$90 (Weekly)

$110 (Bi-Weekly)

$130 (Monthly)

  • How long does this service take to complete?
    It depends on the size and condition of the vehicle, but generally it takes under an hour.
  • Does this service include shampooing for my seats and carpets?
    No, this is just a "maintenance" simple, quick, cleaning detailing service. If your vehicle's interior has stains, dirt, pet hair, or mud buildup, then the Full Interior Detailing Service would be a better option for you.
  • Do I need to remove items from my vehicle?
    Yes, we'd appreciate it if you did remove any personal items from your vehicle, including the trunk. This allows us to immediately start detailing once we reach your location. Leaving trash and loose items in your vehicle is completely fine, we'll take care of the trash for you.
  • I'm on a budget and I have pet hair and a few small stains in my vehicle, can I still get this service done?"
    You sure can! Just specifically tell us which areas that you are concerned about during your quote. The price will be higher for the additional work and time we put into your vehicle but we will deliver great results as promised.
  • I'm unsure if I need the mini-interior detail or the full interior service for my vehicle, how do i know what I need?"
    That's easy! Just shoot us some photos of your interior to our email address or our facebook page and we can suggest which option is best for you.
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